Project New Hope Opens In Worcester For Veterans With PTSD

Project New Hope opens in Worcester for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder needing assistance adjusting to civilian life.  Project New Hope offers weekend long retreats in wilderness settings for veterans and their families.  Some of the past retreats focused on PTSD and traumatic brain injury and offered yoga, meditation, live music, workshops and interaction.  Project New Hope will also offer support groups.  Please see the full article HERE for more information.

SSA To Expedite Disability Process For Veterans

Social Security Administration (SSA) has announced that effective March 17, 2014, it will expedite disability claims for veterans receiving VA service-connected compensation benefits and who have a rating of 100% “Permanent and Total” disability from the Veterans Administration.  This process does not apply to non-service connected pension benefits.  The VA disability only expedites the process, it does not guarantee an allowance for Social Security Disability benefits.  The veteran must still meet eligibility criteria similar to other claimants.  The veteran’s VA Notification letter indicating that the veteran’s rating of 100% Permanent and Total disability will be the required proof.

New Expedited Disability Process for Veterans

Social Security has announced a new process in an attempt to expedite the disability process for veterans.  This expedited process would be available to veterans with a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) disability compensation rating of 100% Permanent and Total.  This new process will treat these veterans applications as high priority.  To be eligible, the veteran must inform Social Security when applying and provide their VA notification letter.  This process does not guarantee an approval, but does expedite the claims processing period.  The veteran must still meet the eligibilit criteria for disability similar to other claimants.

New Program To Help Veterans

An interesting Worcester Telegram & Gazette article was recently posted  outlining a new Veterans Inc.  program aimed at connecting veterans with resources to deal with mental health issues they may be dealing with.  A grant will be used to promote initiatives designed to assist Massachusetts military veterans, seniors or residents with mental health issues.  This program has already reached out to more than 100 veterans in a 6 month period.