Protect The Estate And Family Home From Cost of Long Term Care

We were called by family as mom had suffered from alzheimer’s and required long term care in a nursing home.  Dad was able to continue to live in the family home. The family was paying $330 a day for long term care.  By repositioning this couples assets and transferring the interest in the family home to dad, we were able to further protect their estate and family home.

File For Disability For Scoliosis

Male in his 40’s filed for disability for scoliosis. Over the years, he had multiple back fusion surgeries. He was unable to walk without the assistance of a cane. His doctors unfortunately could not perform any further surgeries. His case was scheduled for hearing. Prior to hearing, we filed a brief outlining our theory of the case and why our client should be awarded benefits.

Result: The day before hearing, his claim was approved “on the record” prior to hearing.