New Massachusetts Autism Legislation

The Massachusetts House and Senate recently passed a bill to extend coverage of autism treatment services under public health insurance plans like MassHealth.  These medically necessary treatments, including Advanced Behavioral Therapy, may now be available to families that would not otherwise be able to afford the services.

This legislation appears to extend services covered under ARICA (An Act Relative to Insurance Coverage for Autism) to public insurers.  ARICA, signed in 2010, addressed medically necessary treatment for individuals with autism for private insurers.  The legislation awaits final approval by the legislature and Governor.  See the full article at

Fire Safety Program For Children With Autism

I read an intersting article recently regarding a local firefighters program aimed at discussing issues such as wandering, fire safety and the role of a caregiver in preparing an autistic loved one for emergency situations.  This program has already educated thousands of first responders, and is now reaching out to parents and caregivers.  Please click HERE for the entire article in the Worcester Telegram & Gazette and a list of upcoming programs.

New Study Tests Sensory Integration Therapy For Children With Autism

An interesting article was posted recently regarding sensory therapy for kids with autism.  Sensory integration therapy uses play to teach children with autism to tolerate sound, touch and other potentially challenging sensory experiences.  This occupational therapy technique has been used in practice but has not been tested or validated.  A recent study in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders has found that sensory therapy may be beneficial to children on the spectrum.  This study suggests that significant progress can be made in significantly less time and could be a beneficial part of a treatment plan in addition to traditional services for children with autism.  Click Here to read the entire article in Autism Speaks.

College Programs For Students With Learning Disabilities

I read a very interesting article recently regarding students with autism and the difficulties they face transitioning to college.  College students with autism and other learning disabilities are finding more programs for support services at colleges and universities.  See the full article HERE.