Looking For The Best, Look No Further

As a combat veteran of the United States Marine Corps with severe & chronic PTSD due to combat service, I say this. I was lucky to find such a compassionate, reliable, highly intelligent, and hard working disability attorney. I found his knowledge of PTSD in Veterans to be quite impressive. Attorney Sharry possessed the knowledge others dismissed in the sense of if there’s no physical impairment, there’s no PTSD. I told him of some of my experiences, and he was very compassionate of my fallen comrades. And in closing, my comparison; I say this of Atorney Christopher Sharry & his firm. I tip my lid to you, and if your firm were troop… I would want them in my fighting hole. I do not wish to remain anonymous, and have that right. If you are looking for the best, look no further. Thank you and Semper Fi,

by Robert, Cpl. U.S.M.C.