Elder Law & Disability Planning

Elder law is an area of law that encompasses any legal issue facing the elderly.  It is often associated with estate planning but can involve much broader social, economic and health related difficulties facing aging Americans. Some of the concerns that become more important to us as we grow older and may require more careful planning include:

  • Asset protection to protect real estate and other assets from the costs of long term care
  • Prepare Wills, trusts, health care proxies, durable powers of attorney and HIPAA releases
  • Draft special needs trusts
  • Review and advise on long term care policies
  • Assist with nursing home planning and refer to geriatric care managers when necessary
  • Prepare and file applications for MassHealth and Medicaid long term care benefits
  • Guardianships/conservatorships

As the elderly population grows each year, so will the issues facing these individuals requiring a comprehensive estate plan that addresses long term care needs.  Often times, planning  must take into account strategies involving financial planning, estate planning, and other asset protection techniques.  Other times ancillary issues involving home health care, skilled nursing facilities, long term care insurance and disability benefits must be addressed.

Disability Planning

As everyones financial and medical backgrounds are different, so is the “right” time to begin planning.  The more time you have to plan before long term care is needed, the more options you may have and less stress you and your family will endure.  Anytime you have a concern about how you will pay for long term care for yourself or a loved one, it  may be time to begin the planning process.  Preemptive planning will give you peace of mind and allow you to:

  • Analyze your financial background
  • Ensure your legal documents are up to date and distribute your estate as you wish
  • Make sure the distribution of your estate will not jeopardize public benefits for others
  • Discuss options to allow loved ones to remain at home instead of a nursing home
  • Take steps to protect and preserve your assets, including your home
  • Research all community benefits programs applicable to your situation
  • Designate agents to make medical and financial decisions for you in the event you are unable to make decisions for yourself

Long term care, incapacity and death are not subjects we are comfortable discussing.  The earlier and more comprehensive we plan, the less stress our families will be faced with in the event uncomfortable decisions need to be made.

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We assist the elderly and disabled with their legal needs in the central Mass area.   We have developed strong relationships with other professionals in the long term care planning field to develop a comprehensive plan for our clients.

Our goal is to help our clients protect their assets whether they are still actively working, in their retirement years or in a long term care facility.